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Tymeac for the Android Platform News


Release 2.5.1 June 2016

Finished updating the source code for the Eclipse Public License.

Documentation enhancements.

Release 2.5 February 2016

Added a new feature (show stack trace) to the Queue Thread Display.

Deprecated the experimental Push Based Notification. As noted in the documentation, this was purely experimental and has not proven feasible.

Deprecated Classes and documentation will be removed in a subsequent major release.

Push processing is now a separate Tymeac project (TymeacRSE) A Java Reactive Stream Generator Adding this new project is the reason for the long delay in updating the current project.

The open-source license for this project, the Common Public License Version 1.0 (CPL), has been superseded by the Eclipse Public License 1.0 (EPL-1.0). See the license document.

We will continue updating the source code in coming releases to reflect this change.

Release 2.4 June 2015

Added two features to the New Copy of an application class:

  1. Display of the current application class
  2. Ability to pass a URL to the new function to alter a class object instead of a String "name+URL".

Modified and added additional examples to the push/event based processing.

Some internal restructuring.

Release 2.3 May 2015

Added support for callbacks in "Future" type retrieval of asynchronous results.

This release adds push/event based processing. There is so much Internet activity surrounding RxJava and Reactive Software that we introduce that form of asynchronous processing here.

Some internal restructuring and documentation enhancements.

Release 2.2 February 2015

Regenerated the TymeacAndDemoQuote project to TymeacAndDemoPipeline which also eliminated the need for the appcompat_v7 project.

Moved from Eclipse to Android Studio 1.0.

Added the ability to support "Future" type retrieval of asynchronous results. This does not affect any current programming.

Added a line item in the Overall client to display the number of pending "Future" objects in the system.

Various documentation enhancements.

Release 2.1 October 2014

Added Pipeline processing.

Added TymeacAndDemoQuote activity to demonstrate pipeline processing.

Various documentation enhancements.

Release 2.0 September 2014

This is a major revision to the product.

The service side:

The TymeacReturn class is now the single return class for all sync, async, shut requests. (a slight change)

The TymeacInterface class [aidl] changed to support the above as well as below. Changing an interface, especially the interface used to communicate with the service is a major event. In order to change/add activities this class always needs changing. To help with this, we reengineered the client access.

The activities access:

The client access changed radically. This project comes from TymeacSE (standard Java.) That project goes back to Java1.1. Going from AWT to Swing and beyond means that the client access must become standard. As we added more client access (activities here) we needed to change the TymeacInterface. That meant breaking backward compatibility. With this new method, all clients use one single call:
    public ClientInOut clientRequest(ClientInOut in)

We are considering using JavaFX as the client access. This will not have any affect on the above.

N.B. The TyService.jar and TyCommon.jar files were replaced in the asset directories in all Activity projects.

Altered the timeout properties. There was a mistake, 2 should have been 1/2 etc. The various timeouts work better now.

Changed most statistics fields to long from int. Some mobile devices can run for months without shutdown.

Various documentation enhancements and cosmetic improvements. 

Release 1.3 June 2013

Added return code and asynchronous call information (session and request id) to the TymeacReturn class. This simplifies completion checking in clients.

N.B. The TyService.jar file was replaced in the asset directory in all Activity projects.

Included in all projects is the build.gradle file for import in Android Studio.

Various documentation enhancements.

Release 1.2.2 April 2013

Added an Enabled Specific button to the Queue Threads Display/Alter.

Minor modifications to base Classes to support the above.

Various documentation enhancements.

Release 1.2.1 March 2013

Moved timing values out of several classes into the TyBase Class for consistency.

Various documentation enhancements.

Release 1.2  September 2012

Minor restructuring of Queue initialization and start up procedure.

Cosmetic clean up of compiler warning messages.

That's all folks. It's running very well.

Release 1.1 September 2011

Added the Alter Server Options client. This gives users the ability to alter the shut down option and monitor interval at runtime.

You must reinstall the complete package with all the projects since the TymeacInterface class changed. This also means the TyService.jar file changed and you must copy it to any projects you created after the initial install. All the Activities included in this release have the updated TyService.jar file.

Release 1.0 August 2011

Initial Release 1.0


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