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Business Essentials


How well a software product meets the fundamental needs of a business is the measure of that software’s worth.

Tymeac spans the breadth of time from current to future in providing software excellence and financial value for your business.

Tymeac meets your current needs:

  • Tymeac bridges the gap between your Web Server and the rest of the company by letting each component of the request run in a asynchronous task on a separate, asynchronous process.
  • Tymeac bridges the gap between your Legacy Applications and the rest of the company by segregating each legacy component of the request onto a separate, asynchronous process.
  • Existing asynchronous tasks, that execute without control, can be managed successfully.
  • Individual objects execute concurrently reducing elapsed response time.
  • Individual objects execute independently increasing fault tolerance.
  • Nested processing may become part of the tools available to designers.
  • Processing multiple requests per process reduces machine overhead leaving more cycles for business needs.
  • Tymeac is an Object Request Broker that can run on the smallest processor.

Tymeac meets your future needs:

  • Heterogeneous networks of computers and parallel processing are no longer terms of the future. Scalability is achievable by making table changes not programming changes.
  • Portability among any processor is achievable since Tymeac ports between all computers supporting CICS.
  • Large, complex conversions to the "new" architecture are no longer necessary.  Tymeac runs in multiple images on all computers and is not dependent on any operating system or access method.
  • Tymeac is the bridge to the next generation of Distributed Objects. Components written today migrate smoothly into the next Client/Server revolution.

Tymeac provides financial benefits:

  • Writing single purpose objects and ‘batching’ requests (thereby reducing overhead) makes better use of processors leaving more cycles for business needs.
  • Isolating functionality reduces the impact and cost of component failures.
  • Reduced development time means reduced development cost.
  • The ability to migrate quickly to new environments as technology lowers costs.
  • The ability to expand the list of tools available to developers to ensure the best, cost effective system.


Tymeac is a trademark of Cooperative Software Systems, Inc
CICS is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation


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