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Company Information

German Translation by Genossenschaft Software Systeme GmbH (Daniela Milton)


Cooperative Software Systems provides:

  • Management for the Open Source Tymeac projects.
    • We are the original contributors to the Tymeac projects. (These are hosted on SourceForge.)
    • We continue to be the focal point for the developer community in both maintenance/enhancement to Tymeac and deployment of Tymeac based solutions.
  • Education and service for companies looking to incorporate Tymeac into their software repertoire.

A little history ...

We came from the world of transaction processing (CICS, Encina, Tuxedo).

We worked with the major players in credit card processing, backend securities processing, bank transaction processing and other types of computing related to mission-critical applications.

We designed and implemented custom solutions:

For credit card PIN verification and fraud detection at millions of transactions per hour.
For clearing house trade verification at billions of transactions per day.
For bank funds transfers at trillions of dollars per day.
For shipping companies to track their articles at the height of the holiday seasons.
For securities firms to managing huge networks of customer requests.

The key to high volume, recoverable, secure and manageable systems is the backend process.

  • Get the request into the facility by every means possible.
  • Fork the request into its component parts and place those components into queues.
  • Use threads [tasks] to parallel process the queues and reduce computational overhead.
  • Join the results into a queue for the next available output processor.

The two biggest problems we faced were that it took a long time to implement a custom, backend solution and the customer's staff wasn't always prepared to maintain the code. Hence, may times the customer was forced to accept a less efficient solution to his problem. (see Testimonials for several completed projects.)

After developing queuing and multi-tasking software for many years a group of handsome, intelligent, knowledgeable, talented and modest gentlemen wrote the first Tymeac product for the aforementioned platforms. Unfortunately, this was the mid 90's and before they could finish, two of the three platforms became unworkable (both were eaten by larger software companies.)

The CICS version was put on the shelf since it was impossible to successfully market a single platform solution to the large processor community.

However, one resourceful fellow fell in love with Java in the latter part of the 20th century and rewrote the CICS version for the Java Virtual Machine ( JDK1.1 and using RMI to link servers with clients.)

Tymeac (for the Java platform) was originally propriety software. There were two major problems with this approach.

  1. Organizations are not going to put their mission critical applications in the hands of a small software company.
  2. Not all applications fit the standard Tymeac model. It is impossible for any software company to support multiple versions of the standard code. They’ll get out-of-sync very quickly.

Therefore, the only truly acceptable approach is to open the source code to the community. This way the standard version is maintainable by a huge base of programmers and individuals may tailor the code to their own applications.

Today Tymeac Open Source supports:

The original CICS version.

The standard edition of Java from JDK1.1 to Java9.

An Android version for small devices. This version replaced the Micro Edition of Tymeac which is now legacy.

A Data Parallel version that dynamically decomposes a request into sub-tasks, places those sub-tasks onto every queue in the system for concurrent execution by threads.

A Reactive Streams version that dynamically builds streams for delivery to Reactive Publishers.

Tymeac is a trademark of Cooperative Software Systems.
CICS is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation
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Tuxedo is a registered trademark of BEA Systems, Inc.
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